Saar Saar

Creative lady at large

Hey there! So you've stumbled across my work and you'd like to learn about the vest-wearing pirate-elephant behind the curtain. Well, here you go!

I'm Sara (Saar for short). I moved from the US to the Netherlands years ago, but since I was raised by Dutch parents I've been speaking the language and eating hagelslag since I was a kid. I now live in Leiden with my husband and a house full of plants, for whom he is the primary caregiver. (I, however, get to mom the orchids.)

My greatest creative passion is writing, and I'd like to believe it's part of what I'm on this earth to do. In my spare time, I also enjoy other ways to be creative: photography, designing digital assets, 3D printing projects, and baking, to name a few. Here's a snapshot of some of my recent side projects.

Sara as a child in dress-up

Tell the truth with beauty

I try to be intentional about the way I live. One of the ways this takes shape is a mission statement — tell the truth with beauty — and an evolving set of personal principles. Currently, these are:

  1. People over work
  2. Experiences over things
  3. Character over accomplishment
  4. Do it all from love

I also choose a 'word of the year' each year next to any resolutions. In 2022, my word is Nurture.

Oh, and a hot dog is not a sandwich, but it is a taco, and a vanilla soy latte is a three-bean soup. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.